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Friday, 7 May 2010


Beans beans good for your heart...

Well it is going to be an interesting few weeks, due to a domestic mishap (New mattress), a trip to the GP led on to a trip to hospital and that I have fractured a rib!

Boy it hurts. Pain management is the only offer I have while it will take 6-8 weeks to heal fully and I am very glad I did all the heavy digging months ago on the allotment as there is no way in hell will I be able to swing a spade or fork in anger for at least two months.

I cannot even put on my socks with out the better half helping !
That been said I did venture down and took a risk in planting out the beans. I think they are hardy enough to survive for the next few weeks. I will keep the sweetcorn however in the potting shed for another fortnight taking them out for a few hours to harden off before dropping them in the plot as the loss of the shed beside me will mean they will be more exposed than last year and I want to give them the best chance of giving a large crop this year.

Well that's it for now, going to be resting a lot with my feet up, so I think simple potting on and succession seedlings will be my lot for a while, unless I can convince the boss to do some heavy work , other than ice cream and teas !


  1. Hope it heals quickly for you. It's certainly not the best time of year for a broken rib with everything that needs doing on the plot.

  2. Thank you Jo. I guess I can take my time and do everything real slow.

  3. Oh thats really bad news, and you are getting on so well. Your plot looks really good. I hope you recover soon and get that rhubarb in. We have harvested loads now and it's so tasty.

    Take it easy :)

  4. Mmmm! I'm now wondering how a matress broke your rib?! Well anyway I like your blog and I hope you feel better soon.