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Sunday, 8 August 2010


Harvest time is by far the most rewarding of times at the allotment. The boss and I have spent the day picking another load of the fruits of our labour . Marrow,beans,potatoes,carrots,spring onions and lettuce has been our targets for today. With the weeks "shopping" at the allotment collected we retired home to a lovely bottle of red wine while putting away and storing the food. I have already started to plan where next years garlic, etc are to go and I have learned a lot this year. Tomorrow we will be harvesting half the sweetcorn ! Yum.


  1. Hi, I'm interested to know how your new bean frame worked out. I was thinking of constructing something similar for my hops. Let me know!

  2. @ mark . Yes it did well and I had a good harvest from it, I was a little disappointed about the coverage but that was down to me not having loads of plants down , but masses of beans that were easy to get at dye to the frame