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Sunday, 1 March 2009

Lasy Sundays

After spending the early morning sowing seeds and building paper pots to grow sweetcorn, I have sat down and decided that I am going to divide my plot in to 4 areas to keep things simple and straight forward for rotation and so I don't forget what I have planted where

I spent ages doing the paper pots as I know sweetcorn doesn't like been messed about with so these can go right into the ground when ready to plant out, the potting shed at home I have noted has not dropped below 10C for the last week so I guess I will be safe sowing out my broad beans , peas , carrots and lettuce to start.

I have also ordered after much research on the Internet and speaking to other plot holders an Azada to dig the plot over.
I hope to use it this weekend and attack the allotment giving it a decent dig over !

1 comment:

  1. Just popped by to say hi and have a read. You are doing well - the Azeada or mattock is the only way to have a good dig and get the roots out! Keep up the good work - your potting shed looks fit to burst!