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Monday, 21 June 2010

Longest day of the year 2010

Today is the longest day of the year 2010, and the end of the spring harvest !
Down here at the allotments in Caterham it is clear that Midsummer is upon us and planning now for Autumn and winter crops should be underway (Or at least considered).

Things to grow this month ;

Another row of beetroot , Spring Cabbage for next year , Chicory ,Another row of carrots ,More lettuce , spring onions, and few more rows of cabbage , cauliflower and kale.

Jobs to do;
Turn the compost heap,weeding , pea and bean care , heavy watering the potatoes.
Sort out water collection and guttering for next year.
Dig over and cover summer manure area.
Build that dammed greenhouse !
Net cover the brassicas.
Lift garlic.

(Update this with pictures later!)

1 comment:

  1. Oh no not winter - please! I need to get some Pansy seed for Autunm bedding. I grew a lot of Polyanthus last year which are great flowers but a bit of a pain to over summer as they all need replanting so I'm going to grow more throw away Pansies this time to complement the Polyanthus I could be bothered to save.