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Saturday, 26 June 2010


Bright Bright Sun
Wow what a scorcher ! I went down to the plot this morning to make sure everything had a really good drink of water, the taps down on the allotment are still working but the pressure is very low indeed so I took my time and used a watering can to ensure I didn't waste a single drop !

Fingers crossed that we don't end up with no water at all !


  1. We had a bit of a drizzle here,k but not what i'd call rain. Certainly would be a welcome sight!

  2. I like the picture. Isn't it nice to be out in the garden first thing in the morning. I reckon I will have to go across and do some watering later, I would leave it until the morning but with it being a Sunday I may not get up in time to beat the sun.

  3. In this weather we have very little or no pressure from our taps so watering cans and strong arms are the order of the day. I try to build little "ponds" around my crops so the water goes to the roots or I sink large pots into the ground near the plants again so the water goes to the roots and doesn't evaporate on the earth whilst the heat is on. I knew my sand castle building skills would come in handy one day. Now following you on Twitter (AllotmentAli)