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Wednesday, 5 January 2011

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I had gone out in the hopes of catching a look at the eclipse 2011, but sadly the cloud cover prevented that , so two hours later, and the first beds for 2011 are taking shape for sowing and planting.

I got an awful lower leg cramp when taking of my wellies and despite working the muscle I still feel a lot of tightness and pain , that will teach me not to take it easy when getting back into the flow. Anyone "warm up" before working the plot ? I think I will have to consider it in the future , ha !

I also noticed the plant bulbs I planted last year starting to peek out from the soil all along the bank in front of the communal compost heaps, fingers crossed for a nice display along there as apposed to the ugly wire I normally have to start at.

Next plans are to hit free cycle and the local trades to source some wooden pallets to build a larger compost bin.

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