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Sunday, 6 February 2011

Feb Fun.

Seed bed. Not quite the bed I was hoping for on a cold morning, however out comes the spade,fork and rake and the start of the prep work for the spring months ahead.

This patch area pictured , had green manure last year that was cut down at the end of summer and covered over the winter. Dug over and left to break up for a few weeks and now had a final dig over and rake. It's a bit to early to get the seeds in as there is still frost and the ground is still cold and very wet.

I took a walk around the site and took some pictures and uploaded them on the Heath Road Caterham Allotment Blog. Why not take a look !


  1. That's a good start! I love digging and have been doing the same myself today! Will ache tonight I reckon. Yes too early to put seeds out but I am tempted to start some off indoors next week!!

  2. Aye, I agree. This weekend I have started of some marigolds for the borders and I am tempted to start the beans.