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Monday, 15 February 2010

2010 Seeds

The nice post person from royal mail attended today bearing a nice little box full of seeds!!!

This year I am going from seeds all from one company( whhoooooooo) as I had good results last year from them.

I also had picked up some really cheap runner beans from wilcos for the frame I built.

Worth having the day off work just for that alone, Maybe later today I will get down to the allotment.


  1. Wow ! that's a lot of seeds to arrive all in one go. I have a lot to sow as well, but some saved from last year, some saved from plants grown, and some new ones. I haven't tried Dobies seeds yet which makes me feel guilty as they put me in their list of 37 great gardening blogs.

    The weather is getting milder, so I hope you get to sow some of those soon.

  2. Blimey you have got your order in early...looking forward to following your blog this year.