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Saturday, 6 February 2010

Bean Frame

Today, I spent the morning down on the plot, the soil was still a heavy and wet so I did very little groundwork other than tidy the grass path and verges.

I also built the Bean frame early, as I had the time to do it now before I finish dividing the plot up for this years season.

As the frame is a semi permanent fixture, I sourced some decent 2x2 posts which have been dug in 2 foot down in the soil, and is south facing to allow the beans to grow up and over the top of the frame.

This will allow me to collect the crop form underneath ! The raised beds are now all in and filled for carrots and beets for the early season, I am going for raised beds for the carrots as I had carrot fly last year and I hope the few extra inches of the ground should give a better chance this year.

The strawberry bed also has been given a wooden log roll border , this will help me slowly raise the bed up year on year and provide better composting options for the strawberry's.

The garlic and cabbage are doing well under the netted wigwams, and I also can see the tops of the daffodils and tulips on the border poking out !


  1. I do admire you for going to the plot in this cold weather. I haven't been up to mine in weeks. You put me to shame, I'm not usually a wimp when it comes to cold weather, but this year I have really felt it badly. I hope all of your very hard work pays off for you.

  2. Thank you, I did wear two fleeces, gloves and a thinsulate hat !!

  3. You inspired me to go and visit the plot, so thanks for that. I will be popping back for more inspiration and to see what you are up to !!
    Let's hope the Spring arrives soon. Apparently it's going to be early this year goodness knows how they make that out! but that's what I heard on the radio.

  4. I also think your bean frame is an excellent idea. I miss loads when picking them on my traditional wigwams - I'll be interested to see how you get on with it.