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Friday, 26 February 2010

More groundwork.

Hi all,
With the roofing slates, I set some down as a path under the bean frame to allow access to the crop and help divide the allotment up.

I also had used the remainder to build a small raised bed section to try my hand at some Capsicums or Chillies.

While the rain may have stopped there was a very strong westerly wind today , in the past this was countered by a large old pigeon shed that was my neighbour but has since been taken down to provide better access and a new gated area. I will have to come up with a plan to reduce the effect this wind direction may have on the allotment in the coming months.


  1. Your plot is looking good. I went up to my plot today. I was disappointed that there were only two little purple sprouting heads on the PSB. But the garlic and Kale look good.

  2. Thank you for following my blog. I thought I would pop over and check your's out. You've done alot of work already this year, I haven't been able to get to my allotment and do any work because of the weather. Good luck for the coming season, I will be following your progress.

  3. Hey, Well done Maureen. Got to keep plugging away!
    Hi Jo , and to other new visitors :D I spent the afternoon looking at what other people were doing and planting for ideas (You can never have too few)

    A great idea that I will be doing is sourcing a wooden trellis ( or just some 1x2 ) and some old windowsill thingies (Cant think of their correct names ) to attach to the shed to have sweet pea grow up :D

  4. I love this time of year, getting everything ready for the new season. Good luck.